Esej angličtina : Fast food

esej-vzor-anglictina-fast-foodFast foods target their marketing on the most vulnerable part of the population, the kids who do not have yet developed the eating habits. Ramrayka, L. Brabds continue to target fast food marketing at kids. It makes them one of the most sustainable businesses.

Fast Food has become the most popular form of nutrition in almost every part of the world. We can say that it is associated with the commercial culture and fits into the information age, when people are getting faster in updating information, but they are losing the ability to analyze the data more in detail due to the time stress. Similarly, they do not have time to enjoy proper meal and therefore have to feed themselves on the go. However, fast food is not just an instant source of nutrient but a cultural concept that has its tradition.

The idea of fast food is dated back to the 17-th century, when Lord Sandwich put a slice of corned beef in-between two slices of bread. He wanted to save time while playing cards. Before, the people, especially the aristocracy were used to the table manners and his action was therefore considered impolite, even rude. But the idea caught up and different forms of fast food developed all around the world, offering their local specials. Whether they make a good name for their country or just spoil the local gastronomy is the subject of debate.

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