Vzor esej angličtina

Vzor esej angličtina : Slovakia

Over the last 20 years, Slovakia has undergone many significant changes. The most important – and also problematic – was the transition from the socialist system of planning to the more liberal, even capitalist means of production. These large-scale changes influenced all spheres of people‘s life, be it politics, economy, society, culture and education.

Viac: https://pisanieprac.sk/esej-anglictina-slovakia-over-the-past-20-years/

Vzor esej angličtina: Fast food

Fast foods target their marketing on the most vulnerable part of the population, the kids who do not have yet developed the eating habits. Ramrayka, L. Brabds continue to target fast food marketing at kids. It makes them one of the most sustainable businesses

Viac: https://pisanieprac.sk/esej-anglictina-fast-food/


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